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        Your University's website is a dynamic medium to collaborate,share and interact with all associated entities involved. Hand's on solution to successfully achieve this will be an ideal CMS solution. With Orbit, make it possible to achieve your goals with ease. We have in place all the relevant modules which are specially built to fulfill university needs. Orbit is the right choice for you to make an appealing website with strong content tools to publish your content with WYSIWYG editor with complete control and strong authorization to make tasks easier.

        In this new era of customization, we bring to your plate not only the stuff you require and expect! Our aim is to empower you with a customizable CMS with an evident presence over the internet with SEO Integration. We work with each customer to thoroughly understand their needs and develop a plan accordingly. We stay true to our core values for becoming your "Best partner of Academic Excellence".


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Unbelievably Easy

A Win-Win situation for your content contributors, administrators and users. A good and easy to use CMS will help your publishers keep the content fresh. No coding/designing skills required.

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Responsive Design & Themes

Custom web design which looks spectacular on smartphones, tablets and desktops! Orbit CMS offers you a single website to successfully Offer multi-device view.We also have responsive themes which are essential to create a striking and professional website without any technical expertise.

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Powerful Modules

Orbit CMS provides modules to streamline your workflow,share resources and efficient archive capabilities. Powerful modules will empower you to have centralized & shared content, accurate & secure content to manage everything easily.

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Effectively share important announcements on your website within different departments. Setduration, email reminder, links and files to your announcements to highlight information. Also import/export all your announcements.

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Quick & Easy Page Management

Any approved user can quickly publish web pages without any complications.Also versioning lets you record the changes done to the pages over a period of time with the member name.

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Google Integration

An appealing content with a beautiful website is incomplete if it's not visible to the visitors. Administrator can add meta tags to the website for enhanced SEO & SMO. Google Analytics helps you see how visitors explore and navigate your website.

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Select from the numerous widget styles to increase the interactivity and appeal quotient of your website. Add text or built in module widgets! Our widgets are completely inline with the content in any format includes RSS,JSON & Excel.

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Content Authorization

Authorize staff and faculty members/roles at managerial and sub managerial levels empowering them different control access to make administrator's job painless.Managers have full control over the modules on the contrary the sub manager can control a part of the module.


Specially developed for Orbit

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Academic Plugins Professors and students can showcase and record their academic achievemnts with our specially designed plugins for universities. We offer over 10 plugins where students can record their lab work, Projects, Journal papers. Also professors can add their degrees, expereince, patents, books, courses etc to effectively potray their profiles and share information.

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Academic Reports:Get detailed analysis of the academic plugins and generate different academic reports, sort by paper,level & author type.Reports can be generated very quickly by just selecting the right fields.These reports can help professors and students with detailed analysis and easy decision making in the future.

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Specially designed modules: Orbit CMS is carefully developed keeping in mind all the requirements which a university will require for a good website with a strong CMS. Modules like activity,survey,forms and video logs are specially built to support the academic community which can make their task easier and less cumbersome.