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Multilingual Support
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SEO & SMO Friendly
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Coordinate Content
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Community Member Management

From designing member roles and fields, individual permission settings, to member group interactions, and the unlimited potential for future personal plugin functions for members.,ㄐㄥ As experts in social networking website systems, what we provide has never been limited to just blogs or simple content management systems.

Smart management of databases

Data in the database can be labeled and tagged with categories.
With a simple click, you can easily determine the content and priority of individual webpages. Furthermore, during backend management, you can retrieve data and authorize sub-administrators for each category of content.
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Drag & Drop to Manage Website Structure

Choosing the functional modules to use when adding a new page, checking the categories and tagged content to be displayed, dragging and arranging the desired position of the main and submenus or choosing not to display them in the menu - website architecture management is that easy!

Widgets of Different Looks

In any section of the layout, you can easily incorporate various styled small modules (widgets) such as dynamic carousel ad banners, scrolling photo albums, video players, etc. to enrich the page and effortlessly achieve your desired perfect layout configuration design.


Unlimited Future

As your website grows, you can rest assured that you will find satisfaction here, whether it's the new technological standards, new features, or new appearance needs arising from technological advancements. All you need to do is focus on managing your website's content!

Reliable Customer Service

Whether it's personalized service from a local agent or real-time online customer support, we have a comprehensive long-term plan in place.
You will no longer feel alone or unsupported during the process of website development and maintenance!


    Professional Websites

    In addition to working hand in hand to complete the professional website construction,
    we also stand on the front line together to nurture the growth of the website.
    We assist website administrators in efficiently transforming information into
    easily searchable, accessible, and readable content.

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